Austin Lewis

//Lead Guitar


"Hey I’m Austin, I play electric guitar and keys in the band.

I’ve been playing music since i was 8 years old. 

Music for me is like a broken light switch that won’t turn off.. lol.

its always on my mind. I love it because its a gift from God. It has always been a passion of mine to reach others with what God reached and impacted my life with.. “Music”. 

I have been very fortunate to be in a band that does exactly that!

And on top of that be in a band with my best friends." - Austin

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Matty Brinkman

// Drums // SuperSmash Champ


"I joined Wonderstate in 2017 and have grown so much as a musician, performer, and worshiper by playing with these guys. They’re the real deal. I’ve been a church musician and drummer for over ten years, playing semi-professionally since 2015. No matter how many gigs I do, the best part of all of them is when the band can stop playing and the congregation sings together in worship to our God. With Wonderstate, I’ve gotten to be a part of so many moments like that where we led students into authentic worship then took our hands off and just sang with them. I live for those moments which is why I always look forward to Wonderstate shows. It’s a plus that I can also call them my brothers in Christ, and they’re always pushing me closer to God." - Matty

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Ethan Hohn

//Lead Vocals //Acoustic Guitar //Rhythm Guitar


"I've been with the band since the beginning. I started the group in mid 2012 under a different name, and then we went through the name change to "Wonderstate" in late 2016. Music for me is like a vehicle or a secret potion the has the ability to unify and create community.. it's like a big ole bus SO BIG it can hold the entire world, and has no other agenda, but to bring people together, unify, and create a echosystem of love, and acceptance.

My favorite part about leading this band is the relationships made, and stories heard on the road, and the ability to connect, give a hug, and simply be a friend to so many new faces everyday! God inspired my heart through music years ago, and since then it has always been my dream and desire to build connection through it. You made that a reality. THANK YOU!   - Ethan

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