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Austin Lewis

//Lead Guitar


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Matty Brinkman

// Drums // SuperSmash Champ


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Ethan Hohn

//Lead Vocals //Acoustic Guitar //Rhythm Guitar


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Wonderstate is a high-energy band that spreads their positive vibes and love for people from their hometown of Minneapolis to across the Midwest. Formed in 2016, the group blends a wave of indie pop with a tinge of rock flare to form their signature sound. The band, which has toured across different swaths of the United States, has a mission to connect and build relationships with their listeners by sharing their passion for meaningful music and creating uplifting atmospheres. Wonderstate includes singer and guitarist Ethan Hohn, drummer Matthew Brinkman, and guitarist Austin Lewis. The band has worked with various artists such as: 

Mike Donehey, Building 429, Land of Color, Unspoken and Britt Nicole on projects, and on the road.

In 2020 WS released the single  "You Belong Here" and it has been , huge success in their ,area of influence, and its powerful story that touches on the hope of life, anti suicide, and belonging moves hearts of young and old alike whenever and wherever it is played and performed.

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